3 Reasons to Invest in Eco Friendly Properties

Rewarding yourself with a new house? Why not go green and eco-friendly? It has plenty of benefits, 3 of which are discussed below.

Eco-friendly homes use natural materials during construction

There are many choices of eco-friendly construction materials. They range from recycled wood, half-raw and half-recycled, and those made from dirt, straw, and clay. According to experts, materials of these made contribute less to the greenhouse effect. They trap less of harmful gases while allowing for a freer entry of natural light and air in and out of the house.

Overall, environment-friendly homes are known to exhibit better indoor environment quality. Improved lighting conditions, better air quality, and natural thermal conditions are some of the natural benefits one can get when buying eco-homes.

Eco-friendly homes are also health-friendly

The natural materials used in eco-homes are also health-friendly. This is very beneficial to individuals with health conditions like asthma and other respiratory problems. There have been several studies linking the use of eco-friendly materials in home construction. Significant changes on health conditions were exhibited by individuals who are known asthma patients.

Further studies revealed that the more natural materials used in them help facilitate the flow of cleaner air inside homes. They are also less likely to contain plastic by-products which release toxic substances. These substances are generally linked to carcinogens or substances that contribute to the development of cancer cells.

These days, developers are more aware of the health consequences of the materials they are using when constructing properties. Home buyers just need the proper information to educate or at least warn them that eco-friendly homes are by far among the best choices when health conditions are considered.

Environment-friendly homes are energy-efficient

Today’s thrust in construction of properties gives focus on energy-efficiency. It is a known fact that the earth’s natural resources, from which man depends for water and energy, are becoming fastly depleted. In order to contribute to conservation efforts, eco-friendly houses are designed such that they would not largely depend on non-renewable energy sources.

It is now common to see houses being put on sale that are designed with solar panels. With these, energy consumption is likely reduced to about third as compared to dependency on coal or other non-renewable energy sources for electricity.

Do not just think about yourself, think about Mother Earth too! Living in an environment-friendly house can be one of your unconscious contributions towards nature conservation and protection.

Basic Tips For Going Green in Your Home

Did you know that homes are now built so precisely that there is no fresh air entering into or leaving our homes? The air inside our homes is more polluted than the air outside and can be a breeding ground for illness and allergies. Everything from our furniture, paint, household cleaners, flooring choices, and décor has built-in toxins and chemicals that are emitted into our breathing air every day. These toxins, also known as VOC’s or volatile organic compounds, have been connected to higher risks for heart attack, asthma, allergies, skin rashes, cancer, and reproductive disorders.

Now for the good news! You can actively take steps to go green in your home and create a safe breathing environment for yourself and your family. Here are some ways to be proactive and go green in your home.

The trend these days for homeowners is to renovate or rejuvenate their existing home, rather than simply purchasing a new home. As a result, many new products and paints are used to bring new life to older homes. If you’re not careful in choosing eco-friendly products for your renovations, you’re likely introducing more harmful chemicals into your breathing air. Did you know that new carpet will off-gas toxins for nearly 20 years? Suddenly, that “new carpet smell” isn’t so great, is it?

Going Green Tips

1) Choose an eco-friendly paint – paint manufacturers are responding to the need for cleaner air inside our living and working environments, so there are quality choices available on the market today. An eco-friendly paint is created using recycled paint or vegetable dyes and minerals.

2) Opt for eco-friendly flooring – natural fibers are attractive in any home décor, so opt for floor coverings like cork, bamboo, or linoleum. These “green” materials are attractive and inexpensive.

3) Purchase green furniture – furniture constructed from certified sustainable wood or reclaimed wood. Bamboo furniture is also a great choice and can be incorporated into many styles of décor. Do you love the look of vintage furniture? Using furniture that has been around the block a few times is another great way to go green when choosing “new-to-you” furniture pieces.

4) Invest in a natural air purifier – no chemicals are needed to clean the air in your home. Instead, invest in a quality air purifier for your home. Green household plants absorb polluted air, so include these in your decorating plan. Burn beeswax candles instead of chemically created candles. Beeswax candles emit negative ions, which are beneficial for you. Another natural air ionizer is a salt crystal lamp.

5) Look for natural fibers – shower curtains, window treatments, throw pillows, bed pillows, etc, should all be manufactured from natural fibers. Look for products that are manufactured using natural unbleached cotton, organic wool, organic hemp, or shredded rubber latex. Products to stay away from include those made from plastic, foam, or synthetic materials.

Going green in your home does not mean you have to sacrifice quality or beauty. Manufacturers of home décor, furniture, and renovating materials recognize that savvy consumers want eco-friendly choices and they’re providing choices that are beautiful and budget-friendly.

It’s easy to go green in your home, so get started today. You’ll be breathing cleaner air that much quicker!

Helpful Tips When Buying One of the Splendid Costa Blanca Villas

There is a wide variety of Costa Blanca villas and apartments for sale and resale on the different parts of Costa Blanca in Javea, Moraira, Denia, Altea and others; and very promising exciting investment opportunities on the Costa Calida and Costa del Sol.

These villas have special properties which makes it a most perfect place for retirement. When contemplating on searching for your dream home, Costa Blanca Villas has a lot to offer. Nonetheless, purchasing a property in Spain or any other foreign country is always a complicated process which needs extra caution.

Here are some helpful tips and useful information about how to go along with your plan of purchasing your dream home on Costa Blanca villas to ensure that it is less of a burden and more of a pleasure.

• Know the area beforehand. Refer to all kinds of maps and plans for the surroundings of your future villa, especially if the building is in a quiet, distant neighborhood; it might attract unwanted visitors. Better yet, make sure that it is not too quiet or isolated. You can search around with local villas agents and friends.

• Check what the property looks like in off season. Make sure you have already spent some time not just in summer but also during winter, so you know the place from both sides of the coin.

• Rent various flats and apartments before you decide on purchasing a property to watch out for intensity of noise and sounds both during day and night; and look out into the day and night traffic to see what the transport vehicles are like.

• Don’t just transact in villa vendors, look also into national agents. Search the web who can help you find different Costa Blanca Villas guides or agents. It is important that you check if these agents are API trained.

• It is always safest to employ your own legal representative. Having your own legal representative ensure your best interests. Of course, some estate agents will assure you that they will arrange all the legal business for you (similar to a conveyencor in the UK), but in case of a problem, who exactly will they represent – you or their client? The legal representatives in Spain licensed to carry out property purchases fall into two categories:

1. Gestors (pronounced Hestor), are more like an ordinary Solicitor charge between €500 to €1,000, whilst the

2. Abogados (similar to a Barrister), are more qualified and able to represent clients in court, charge between €1,500 to 1.5% of the purchase price.

• Look at several websites to get an idea of Costa Blanca Villas prices; Never from TV programmes as they give a false impression. Generally, inland prices are cheaper, whilst prices in coastal areas are more expensive. However, one should bear in mind that in inland areas local dialects are frequently used.

• If you still have doubts about the property you want to purchase, you can always do your own research. Ask your future neighborhood. Most Costa Blanca people can speak in English, French or German language, and so as far as language is concerned there is no problem purchasing Costa Blanca Villas.

There are too many dreadful, disgusting stories of people losing their money or property because of purchases made from wrong information and sources. Extra caution is highly recommended.

Tips on Showing Your FSBO Property

As a FSBO seller, you are responsible for handling all of the aspects of selling your home. So, how do you go about showing the property to interested buyers?

Tips on Showing Your FSBO Property

The huge advantage of selling your property for sale by owner is you save a ton of money on real estate agent commissions. At six percent a pop, the savings literally amount to tens of thousands of dollars. The potential downside is you actually have to do the work. One aspect where this is particularly true is when it comes time to show the property to interested buyers. Here are some tips to help you with the process.

First and foremost, it is important to time the showing. If you have multiple parties showing interest in the home, try to set a single time to show the home. The goal is to have them at the property at the same time. This creates the impression there is a lot of interest in the home. This impression will then motivate the buyers to make offers on your property.

A second tip is not to show your home on your own. As sad as it is, there are cranks and weirdoes out there. Make sure you have at least one other person with you when showing the property. If you need some help with this, mortgage brokers are often willing to come to showing. There goal is to snag one of the potential buyers as a mortgage client. Regardless, it gives you multiple people in the home and cuts down on any risk of something bad happening.

The third tip is to get your marketing brochures together. Buyers rarely look at just one home. You want to give them a brochure so they can remember and visual your home. The brochure should contain all the relevant information about your home including price, square footage, unique aspects, your contact information and pictures, pictures, pictures! Did I mention pictures?

Finally, make sure you have a guest book for potential buyers to sign. Ask for them to sign their names and provide a phone number. This will create a record for you of everyone that saw your home. It will also provide you with phone numbers so you can call them back if necessary.

Showing your home is a critical part of the real estate process. Follow these tips and it should go off without a hitch.

3 Reasons to Install Solar Panels at Home

Progressive homeowners are exploring the benefits of fulfilling a section of their electricity requirements with solar power. Installing solar panels or photovoltaic cells are a clean and affordable way of powering homes and reducing electricity bills. Some environment-conscious homeowners install solar panels because it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 35%. Whatever be the reason, the raging popularity of photovoltaic solar energy systems can be attributed to certain factors.

Top Reasons to Install Solar Panels

Some of the reasons due to which more and more people are investing in solar panel installation are:

Increase home value: Statistics provided by the National Appraisal Institute state that homeowners can increase the value of their homes by $20 for every $1 drop in the annual utility bills. An average solar power product can boost your property’s value by $17,520. After taking rebates and incentives into consideration, your property would cost much less than your purchase amount.

Cut in electricity bills: Electricity bills are a major concern, not just in terms of draining your monetary resources bout also for being hazardous to the environment. Homes and small businesses utilize 500 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month. Some even pay as much as $75 a month. This is higher than the tax-deductible loan payments to be paid every month for financed solar systems. A typical solar panels installation will reduce your bills from $92 to $11 a month.

Reduce carbon footprints: The whole world is becoming increasingly conscious about ‘going green’ and home solar panels installation can be the best way of supporting this endeavor. Electricity usage leads to approximately 6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per household in the US, per year. Taking into account the fact that an average American produces about 20 tons of carbon dioxide every year, installing photovoltaic systems could lessen your carbon footprint up to 35%.

Solar energy is renewable as well as reliable. Our earth receives sufficient solar energy to power every residential and commercial unit on the planet. So, why leave all the natural energy un-utilized? To top all this, solar panels are made from silicon, ensuring yet another use of natural resources (since silicon comes form sand.) Moreover, production of solar power does not lead to emission of harmful toxins or pollutants. Depending on the system you choose, you can cut down or even eliminate your home’s dependence on grid, especially during massive power shortages.